Hi, my name is Kim and I am especially passionate about working with women peri to post-menopause (The 3rd woman). Is this you? 
Did you know, 37.5 million women are going through menopause? 
Women actually spend 50% of their lives post-menopausal. Are you struggling with menopause, unexplained weight gain, midsection weight gain, low mood, poor sleep quality, loss of fitness, joint pain, and a whole host of health and wellness niggles? 

PRIME  A 8 Week Online Health & Fitness Programme for Menopause Midlife Women 

GRAVITY YOGA®  Targeted Flexibility Training 


Steps can be taken to help keep menopause symptoms from affecting your life in a negative way when we plan and prepare it in the right way. This is why, if your symptoms are getting you down, I want you to know that you can turn this around with some lifestyle changes that are specific to your changing hormones during menopause. 
There are so many myths and misconceptions about menopause, I’d love to help steer you away from all the nonsense, noise, and confusion. With the right advice, support, and guidance, I can help you build understanding around your menopausal symptoms, build confidence and get super focused on reaching your health goals. 
Having worked with 100's of local women who needed the right advice, support, and guidance with health and wellness issues, I have helped encourage and empowered them to live healthier and happy lives. 
I also regularly help other fitness professionals and work alongside small businesses making sure my clients get the best support available. As a result, the women who work with me, as opposed to simply going to a regular gym, always have the result they ask for, increasing their confidence and improving their quality of life. 
My mission is to help as many women, in all phases of menopause, start living the life they truly deserve, by motivating them to eat smarter, getting fitter, get them feeling sexier, and feeling fantastic, all in a fun unique way. 
Just remember this! 
If you are a woman going through “The Change”, …Embrace it because that’s what we are doing. WE ARE CHANGING!! into the woman, we’ve always wanted to be. 
Look forward to working with you. 
Love Kim x 
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